Hazard of the Die

by Andy Palmer



released May 7, 2013

All songs written by Andy Palmer (c) 2013 - SESAC
Produced by Warren Huart at Swing House Recording Studios, LA
Artwork by Kit Chalberg Photography



all rights reserved


Andy Palmer Denver, Colorado

Denver resident and erstwhile public defender in Brooklyn, N.Y., songwriter Andy Palmer performs solo and leads the band, Grub Street Writer. His music is raw, gritty and honest. His vocal quality has been aptly compared to Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.

Andy's debut album, Sometime Around, received 'Best of Denver 2012' status by Westword Magazine.
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Track Name: The Monk
I passed a monk today on a
Crow fly highway
The moon was in his eye
The picture told me words of a
Fateful flyby
History’s left behind

I saw him today in a
Gila wood den
Yesterday down by
White Sands

We didn’t speak a word
Still heard love killing sorrow
A robe full of gold
A climbing soul

A rough chin ever so
Slightly tucked in
Asked for naught and yet he was

We didn’t speak a word
Still heard love killing sorrow
A robe full of gold
A climbing soul

It’s Angel Fire
In every soul I know
Truth or Consequences
Track Name: Heart of Colfax
I start on 6th
Land on York and Main
Something in the air
Got me on the cusp of sane
But whatever you’ve heard
It’s only hate I abhor
Love still lives here
Just down a couple doors
No one’ll mess with me now

The twisted hang off Vine
And polish gansta leans
The ole busted tooth
Fairy’s on the scene
Believe what you want
But she been down here for weeks
She’s got two gold caps on her back
Where wings had been

No one’ll mess with her now
Sooner or later you best choose which side you’re on
Them just the cold and hard facts

The police put eyes
Up on the telepoles
And they look down on the world
Through tiny little holes
So say what you want
You been seen here before
But we all got our
Reputations to uphold

No one’ll mess with you now

Now it won’t cool off by mornin
Goin’ to be hot all night
Everyone’s here
And don’t that make it right?
So don’t go
And take this all wrong when I say
Whatever you’re into
Carry on

Sooner or later you best choose which side you’re on
Them just the cold and hard facts
From the heart of Colfax
Track Name: Broke Down in Bellevue
Broke down in Bellevue
All the saints are afraid
Never held their wallets
So tight anyway
I’m tired of changing
Tires when they pop
And staring down the buttoned up
Refusing to stop

Broke down in Bellevue

I been filled up
With a hearty meal
By someone’s mama’s mama
She weren’t from here
And I’m good not greeting
Slovenly souled folks
I leave em in my rear mirror
When I’m fired up and fully choked

Broke down in Bellevue

But (there’s one thing
That keeps me straight
Broke down in Belleview
Way past late
There’s one thing
I need nothing more
I ain’t some kind of loner
I mean who you take me for

I need you to break down with me too
Track Name: Good Son
I cross no fingers when I lie
What's a point for if it ain't on a knife

And they call me good
Call me a good son

Found some girls, made them the only ones
I loved them each to pieces, I'm a good carpenter's son

Call me good
Call me a good son

The man had eyes that wouldn't quit
Now no one'll miss him in the least bit

And they call me good
Call me a good son
Track Name: Moreya
Think we’ll make it
On our own
As all talk and
No moans
Things you say
Prey on me in some small way
All I do only to
Spite ‘em

You say my life’s not even worth
The hole where I’m going
No drive and glued
To lazy bones
Sometimes we fight
We’ll fight some more
All while sitting on tips of tongues

Alright alright it’s the middle of the night but I want
Alright, alright so it’s the middle of the night but I still want

Go ahead let me have it
All I can handle
Done all the things
I’m suspected of

I will hear you moan
Track Name: Hay Algo Muy Mal
Leaning over the rail
Caught a glimpse of its tail
Just before the thing dove down to the depths

It flashed bluish green
Like nothing ever seen
And the meds haven’t changed a thing in my head

A Spaniard scaled the mast
In less than a minute flat
Hurled himself from the beam

How’d it go, Gomez?

Hay algo muy mal in al gran mar

Leaning over the rail
I saw heaven I swear
Just before I reached the end of my rope

Might’ve been rosy red
My mistake again
And the meds haven’t changed a thing

Surrounded by sea
Most people flee
But Mr. Gomez fought the beast

And how’d it Gomez?
Track Name: The Defendant
I didn't do it, wasn't me
but I don't care no more what you believe
that rap sheet say i done it once or twice
but i didn't do it though i just might
luck is hard when you got my life
and a man in a robe

is roll, roll, rolling my dice

done some time more than what's mine
so i can guess what's down the line
give me the island my concrete beach
and i'll get harder and harder and harder each week
the cards are stacked ‘gainst me being nice
and a man in a robe is rolling my dice

Puttin’ me in cuffs ain’t near enough
To keep me down cuff slip off like gloves
And I'll grow old on parole
My boys’ll pick up the game where I leave off
A score short of the purchase price
Of the man in a robe rolling my dice
Track Name: Fancy That
Fancy young man walking down the street
Said ‘there’s a woman, I’d love to meet
Penny for your thoughts, look like my type’
‘hold out your wallet, boy, you’ll do just fine’

Moon’s coming up, they’re holding hands
Stars are coming up now too, looks like a little romance
‘bought wine and roses,’ he says, ‘just for the show’
‘…., lets take it slow’

Walk on to his pad, he’s got quite the place
Says, ‘what about you, baby, what holds your faith?’
She turns to him with a big sly grin says,
‘I’m no doctor, son, but I rake it in’

One hand around the man, one on a gun
‘… we’ve had some fun
But you told me so, said you’d treat me right so
Romance later and your money tonight’

what she wants she's gonna get from you

That ain’t the first time she’d scammed a man
Said, ‘so sorry honey but I just can’t live so bland’
Took all his gold said, ‘thanks for the rose but
I like green,’ and she hit the road