Sometime Around

by Andy Palmer

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For my father, who sang to me from the cradle


released September 21, 2011

All songs written by Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer - vocals, acoustic and resonator guitars
Brian McRae - drums
Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa - bass
Dave Beegle - electric and flamenco guitars, Wurlitzer and Hammond
Kailin Yong - violin
Sheryl Renee - background vocals
Dan Kern - Moog on 'Take It Down'

Produced and Engineered by Justin Peacock
Recorded at Macy Sound Studio and The Hook Factory
Mastered by Brian Gardner

(c) 2011 Andy Palmer, SESAC



all rights reserved


Andy Palmer Denver, Colorado

Denver resident and erstwhile public defender in Brooklyn, N.Y., songwriter Andy Palmer performs solo and leads the band, Grub Street Writer. His music is raw, gritty and honest. His vocal quality has been aptly compared to Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.

Andy's debut album, Sometime Around, received 'Best of Denver 2012' status by Westword Magazine.
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Track Name: Grrr
See you in a while
I should be back quick
Assuming there’s no trouble
Got a knack finding it
They locked me up in Sicily
The last time I was there
Took a week to pick the lock
With a lock of your hair
I washed up on the shores
Of the Grecian isles
Put away your picture
Back to the daily grind

But don’t worry about me
As I take on the world
I only mean the best
When I grrr
Nine times of ten
I leave free from work
And I only mean the best
When I grrr

I’m not known for running off
I’m unknown for much
But I got a mean St. Louis shag
And I got some touch
I can clean out a vault
In no time at all
And it’s all your booty
You’re who I do it for
So get down on the floor
And no one’ll get hurt
I’m gonna use the money
To buy my baby pearls

But it’s the same as in Sicily
Same as in Sicily
They put away

But I’ll see you in a while
I should be back quick
Still got your lock
Of hair that is
There ain’t a cellblock
I can’t lose
Cuz I go nowhere
Without a piece of you
Two bodies jacking’s a
Treasure trove
And word on the street’s
We’re made of gold
Track Name: I Died Today
I died today
Sometime around
Now you could say
I died today

Easy to give when you’ve got nothing to lose
Hard to face battle when you’re facing you
Trouble free, be nice to be
But I’ll get to heaven, sister, wait and see
There’s only one I must satisfy
Or miss tomorrow, she’s strolling on by

Is life hard to take? What you gonna do about it?
Go easy with your index you know you love your mirror too
Played cards with kings and hopscotch with queens
And I’ll whip the devil when he comes for me
Been nice to know you it’s a lovely day
Another sunrise and you’re floating away… sometime around
Track Name: Lawless
They have no idea
No clue
What we’re gonna do
There’s been a breach
Down by Broad Street
It’s a hackneyed coup

Stay silent
Be quiet
Little man little man
You’re a proxy mind in a
Proxy time in a
Proxy land

They move the world how they want to move
Lawlessly move how they want to

Are we cursed?
Or just the first
Ones to wonder
Who’s been played the fool?
Not you, aw yeah you
And all the others

The huckster steals
Golden years
And nails them all to the Wall
Merchant men
Storm the den
And Borough through the Hall

To move the world how you want to move
Lawlessly move how you want to


Got an idea?
Got a clue?
What you’re capable of
Rise up
You’re done
With little man matters

And you’ll move the world how you want to move
Lawlessly move how you want to
Track Name: Take It Down
Take it down
With paper and a pen
Tote in round
In your coat, man
You’ve tied your shoes
You’ve heard the blues
Some have even been
Played by you

And you take it down, take it all down…

She fills her corner
With such a sweet song
Never made it far
But what she made she made alone
A passerby shares
A listen and a look
There’s more there
Than he can read in any book

Begrudge the baker
When there’s no rise in dough
Jump the jailer
Who never lets you go
Go’n an overnight
Mission to the moon
Beat down the bellows
Of don’t you dare do

Count all the babies
You’ve rocked on your knee
You must be in the middle
Of some kind of a loving spree
Learn and forget
The paths that’ve been
Using others’ answers just
Empties your head

You got tricks to trade
Or to be kicked by your boots
Before fall
Before nothings left to lose
So go the coast’s clear
Same as last year
Or drown in the driveway
Lazy pioneer

Dad’s down at the tradeshow
Mom’s working the farm
Some brothers and sisters
Rarely get along
But we’re all in the same room
Just turn and look
And there’s more here
Than we can read in any book
Track Name: When History's Done
When history’s done with the magic ride
Towed behind a sleigh
A snow blind conductor
Grin of gold some say

Any day any day…

When history’s done on and on some say
On and on they say,
Read to me story
That hasn’t got a last page

When history’s done with the magic
Wonder what went right
Raven and the crow shake hands
And fly into the night

When it’s all done tiptoe round your room
Tiptoe round your room
Finish all your cigarettes
Your mother’s gonna be back soon.

When history’s done with the magic ride
Wonder what went wrong
Hide behind a mirror
And sing a silent song

When history’s done send the wind to me
Tell the wind I’ll hear
Sing a song for me my friend
About eternal years
Track Name: Cy Ethan
Ethan did go
To the sycamore grove
Wings explode
And the men
Men come on

Raising blood
Raising sin
Raising man
They say ‘ay yi yi yi yi … yo’

To business at hand
Do you need a friend?
“I’ll bet
That your fowl falls dead
Round one,” she said

Genghis Khan
Game on
Ay yi yi yi yi … yo

The stakes
Are agreed upon
Los picos de gallo
Cy Ethan’s bird
Down in the first

Genghis Khan
Wins all
She says ‘ay yi yi yi yi … yo’
Track Name: Cripplegate
I hear the man’s no hero
To his valet
He’s got a parking pass that’s
Good all day
You’d think that’d keep him
In the race
For a few or
Just in time for seconds
But some promise just’s not enough
For a Grub Street Writer

He hobbles down
To Cripplegate
If he ever shows he’ll be a
Tad too late
The thief’s already dangling
From the chains
Never was too good to folks

No good but the best friend of
The Grub Street Writer

He’s a penny-a-liner
But that ain’t so bad
He’ll be known by the ages
Just for that
Authors and arrows
Should never mix
Even an off writer
Writes holey script

And for pennies on the dollar here’s a story of/from
The Grub Street Writer
Track Name: Won't Happen Again
I’ve got no say anymore
In finding control
Just trying to get back home
Shoulda come your way, now I know
Won’t happen again til the next time

Feeling torn up
Always preferred it rough
Never known when enough’s enough
But dwelling on symptoms is fool’s business
Won’t happen again til the next time

Won’t happen again til the next time…

Add a ‘yester’ to day
Watch hands always take away
As long as I’m paid in small change
It’ll be okay life’s cheap anyway
And it won’t happen again til the next time

Let’s have it your way tonight
It’s just about time
I’m calling my dog from the fight
Been gnawing my soul down to the bone
And it won’t happen again til next time